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Betasciencepress Publishing invites scientists and scholars to submit a proposal for a special focused issue. The purpose of the special focused issue is to provide the scientific  community with a collection of articles on a specific topic. The topic as well should not have been covered substantially by the Journal  as have a great potential to be of high interest to the general scientific community.
The journals published by Betasciencepress Publishing are an Open Access peer-reviewed journals, each with a focus on the publication of articles from a specific research area within chemistry. The journals deliver essential scientific information in concise, at a-glance article formats (pdf and HTML). 


Information to be provided in a proposal

The proposal for a special focused issue should contain the following minimum information:
1. Max. 500 word rational explaining the novelty, technical advancements, significance and adherence of the special focused issue to the scope of the Journal of Applied Bioanalysis.
2. A brief stated outline of potential topics presented in the proposed theme.
3. A resume of the proposed guest editor(s), Journal of Applied Bioanalysis prefers the selection of two guest editors based on technical-and geographic background.
4. List of potential peer-reviewers.
5. Call-for-papers abstract (max. 500 words).
6. Time-schedule including manuscript submission start and deadline.
7. A proposed topic for an editorial article by each guest editor.


Proposal selection 

The selection of submitted proposals for a special focused issue is based on:
1. Overall and general quality of the special focused issue proposal.
2. Topic is within the scope of the journal.
3. Provides proposed theme (topics) significant novelty.
4. Securing high quality peer-reviewers.
5. Deliverance of the final product within the proposed time-frame.


Guest editor’s expected Role

1. At the moment the proposal is accepted, the guest editor will circulate the by the Editor-in-Chief accepted call-for-papers.
2. Guest editor will manage submissions to the special focused issue in Manuscript Manager® including following responsibilities; assigning peer-reviewers and giving editorial recommendations on submitted manuscripts after peer-review.
3. Guest editor will secure two to three peer-reviewers per manuscript submission and gives a recommendation based on at least two peer-review results.
4. Guest editor will coordinate the editorial process in consultation with the editor-in-chief.
5. Guest editor has to meet and deliver the project as scheduled.
6. Guest editor will conduct all journal related business with peer-reviewers, authors, and editorial staff members in an ethical and professional manner.


How to submit your proposal?

For the first half of the year 2019, proposals are due on May 1, 2019 and will be competitively evaluated by the journal’s senior editorial team. Please send your proposal or further questions you may have to Betasciencepress Publishing, Headquarter Office the Netherlands (HQ-NL) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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