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Editorial Workflow

The editorial office handles submitted manuscripts confidential and the peer-review process is being done by applying the Double-Blind principle. This implicates that the author(s) do NOT know the identity of the reviewers and vice versa, the reviewers do NOT know the names and affiliations of the author(s). By using the Double-Blind peer-review principle we can assure maximum confidentiality and minimise bias-orientated peer-review of submitted manuscripts. After the editorial office receives a manuscript draft for publication, editorial actions presented in the editorial time table below will be addressed (time periods are approximated).   


Min. processing time 

Editorial Process

0-24 hours

Initial manuscript screening (layout, aims and scope, etc,..)

2-3 Weeks

Double-blind peer-review (2-3 reviewers)

2-3 weeks

Manuscript revision by authors

2 Weeks

Author sign-off (Galley proof and corrections)

3-4 Weeks

Article publication online

 Cover Reviews in Separation Sciences 2019 V1N1

Abbrv: Rev. Sep. Sci.
eISSN: 2589-1677 

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